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Glove It” was launched by our family of four from Roslyn, NY, including our 12 year old boy and 16 year old girl.  With our daughter just learning to drive, we all could not help but fear the dangerous distraction presented by the cell phone in the car.  We all began to discuss responsible driving habits and how quickly things can go horribly wrong if the driver’s eyes and attention are not constantly on the road.  Our kids then began to take our phones from us while we were driving as a family, and they would place it somewhere out of sight.  And what better place for the phone while driving than the glove compartment (or glove box)!   There it would be out of sight and out of mind.  Playing on the old phrase “Take This Job and Shove It,” we created our own slogan: “Take This Phone and Glove It.”  “Glove It,” for short, has become a phrase which we constantly repeat when we enter our cars.  No longer was there the constant temptation to text message while driving, but as importantly, the dangerous distractions of reading emails and texts, snapchatting, searching contacts, dialing, and scrolling through playlists, etc, were removed.


With this new idea and its success in our family, we all began to tell our friends, family, and coworkers of our approach and encouraged them to “Glove It” as well.  Due to the overwhelming feedback we have received, we have decided to take our campaign public.  We have already changed the behavior of many.  Our two word slogan gets the point across and encourages everyone to not just stop texting, but to get their phones out of sight and out of mind while driving.


Motor vehicle accidents arising from driver distraction by cell phones are occurring too often in every community, and our family and countless others have been touched by the tragedy these accidents can bring.  Older drivers and younger drivers alike are guilty of risking their own lives and the lives of others each time we handle or interact with our phones while driving.  Our children, the newest of drivers, are particularly vulnerable, as they are experts with their phones and complete novices behind the wheel. 


Our family hired a friend and neighbor, a talented graphic design artist‎, to help us capture our message in the design of car magnets and phone decals. These are now found on the cars and phones of many in our community. Our hope is that these products will spread the word, make a difference, and most importantly, save lives, even one life.  So please, just “Glove It.” It’s easy to do and easy to say.  Help us spread the word to all of those you love and all of the drivers who can hurt those you love while behind the wheel.





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