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Hear What People Are Saying About Glove IT

"I support the Glove It campaign.  While in the glove compartment, the cell phone can be used through the car’s hands free and voice activated technology, and the dangerous visual and manual interactions and distractions of mobile device use are removed.  Gloving It will help in the fight against the alarming number of crashes and deaths arising from driver distraction. Glove It"

Greg Fitch, Ph.D.

Research Scientist | User Experience Group Leader

Center for Automated Vehicle Systems

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute


“What an amazing project.  I agree with your mission statement!  I drive on Northern Boulevard every day and too many times I see the tops of people’s heads in my rearview mirror, instead of their eyes and then I know they are texting and driving behind me!  It is scary! I support you!  I only answer phone calls via a button on my steering wheel!  If someone texts me while I am driving and later says, why didn’t you answer, I simply say, “I was concentrating on the road! Best of luck on this endeavor!”  

Carrie –  Long Island, New York



“We love this!!!! We have had MANY discussions regarding  setting a good example for our kids as well as how to  stay safe and not be distracted by phones while driving. WE ARE ON BOARD EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!  We would love to talk to you about the girls possibly getting involved through a mitzvah project and student council  and tennis team positions:) “  
Marc – Caldwell, New Jersey



“Wow!  Absolutely "glove" it!  Amazing!  I'm blown away. Unbelievable!  I'll spread your message (and practice it) in Miami.”
Dana – Miami, Florida



“Oh em geee. I totally GLOVE your campaign. Very exciting!! What an incredible family project. Your website is gorgeous and informative as well.”
Nicole – Larchmont, New York



“Nice - I like it!!! Would like to put it on my company website blog too.  If you can write up a blurb, I'll put it up on the site!” 
Joseph –  New York, New York


“ I couldn’t agree more!!!  I’m the worst offender and - you've made me think about the example we are setting for our kids (meaning if they can see if we use the phone while we drive).  BAD EXAMPLE!,  I liked your FB page, will share and tag,  I will help bring it to Philly!  
Marcie – Philadelphia, PA


"Not sure if you have seen the VW video on you tube, scary!! Would like my son to get involved and launch at his high school. Nice work!!”
Chris – Riveredge, New Jersey

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